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hydraulic archor

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    used in the pipe string of testing,producing,water-finding and so on , it can overcome the string’s wriggling by the occlusal force of fluke.
    mainly composed by anchor,fluke,pressure plate,spring,obturating ring and standing bolt.by loading the tubing with hydraulic,the fluke presses the spring under the pressure of fliud and is pushed out radially.then the fluke holds tightly on the inwall of casing under enough pressure.then the tubing can not bounce axially and so it play a role of anchoring tubing.release the hydraulic in the tubing and the fluke takes back automatically with the impact of spring.

    the anchor is made by high strength stainless steel,fluke is processed by special method,the offsetting spring is made by high strength stainless steel spring,which ensure reliable and excellent work effectiveness.

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