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fight the epidemic first ‖ dongfang helps the epidemic prevention work

2022/3/22 viewers:

on march 13, 2022, bie xinyun, chairman of henan dongfanglong machinery manufacturing co., ltd., and du he, general manager,

 went to the renmin road sub-district office to send care and 10,000 yuan in cash to the workers who are working hard to fight the 

epidemic. hope it can help them to complete the epidemic prevention work better.

bie xinyun requires the company to do a good job in the registration of personnel entering and leaving the factory

 and the disinfection of the factory area. on-the-job employees do not leave the factory area unless necessary. 

employees working from home must strictly protect themselves. all employees must strictly abide by the epidemic

 prevention policy and participate in nucleic acid testing on time. encourage company employees to actively participate

 in epidemic prevention work and strive to be epidemic prevention volunteers! many employees of the company stick to

 the epidemic prevention positions in the community, and contribute their own strength to the epidemic prevention work

 in puyang, showing the spirit of dongfanglong people who are not afraid of hard work and are down-to-earth and hardworking.