xinjiang oilfield strives to write a "warm answer sheet"-j9九游国际真人

 xinjiang oilfield strives to write a "warm answer sheet"-j9九游国际真人
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xinjiang oilfield strives to write a "warm answer sheet"

2023/11/27 viewers:
  as of november 23rd, the largest natural gas storage facility in china, the hutubi gas storage facility in xinjiang oilfield, has been supplying natural gas to the west east gas pipeline and cities along the northern xinjiang region for two consecutive weeks, ensuring stable supply of natural gas to residents and businesses along the route.
  recently, there have been frequent rainy and snowy weather in xinjiang, with temperatures continuing to decrease. xinjiang oilfield is guided by the principle of "ensuring people's livelihoods, public utilities, and key areas", scientifically organizing the integrated operation of natural gas supply and demand, and continuously increasing the operation of various links in natural gas production, transportation, and storage. from the vast gobi to the hinterland of the desert, various units have entered the winter supply guarantee mode in a "full grid" state, fully ensuring the safe and stable supply of natural gas in winter.
  the hutubi gas storage facility in xinjiang oilfield is currently the largest in service storage capacity and the strongest in peak shaving capacity in china, with a capacity of billions of cubic meters. since its completion and operation in june 2013, it has exceeded the injection and production targets for 10 consecutive years, playing an important role in ensuring natural gas supply and seasonal peak shaving in xinjiang and cities along the west east gas pipeline network. since the beginning of this year, the hutubi gas storage facility has combined previous winter supply experiences, pre evaluated the gas demand for this winter and next spring, scientifically formulated winter gas production plans, peak shaving operation plans, and emergency supply measures under extreme weather conditions. the daily peak shaving supply capacity has increased by 2 million cubic meters year-on-year, setting a new historical high.
  the kela beautiful gas production area is the largest gas production area in xinjiang oilfield, with a daily gas production of over 3 million cubic meters in winter and an annual natural gas production of over 1 billion cubic meters for seven consecutive years. in order to improve the gas field recovery rate, the operating area strengthens dynamic tracking and benchmarking analysis, adheres to the management of "one reservoir, one policy" and "one well, one policy", and achieves significant results in the treatment of low pressure, low production, low efficiency wells, and high production wells; give full play to the role of grassroots party branches as battle fortresses, establish a new well production assault team and a technical support assault team, on the one hand, fully guarantee the normal production of 8 new wells, and on the other hand, solve any problems that arise during operation at any time to ensure safe and stable production. as of now, the operating area has produced a total of 12.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas, consolidating the "bottom gas" for winter supply in northern xinjiang.
  as the largest associated gas treatment plant in the northwest region, the natural gas treatment plant of xinjiang oilfield oil production plant 2 is operating at full capacity. this year, the processing station has implemented a management mode of "normalized self inspection and rectification, real-time production information, and standardized equipment operation". an emergency team composed of technical personnel in processes, instruments, and equipment has been formed to coordinate and optimize the performance parameters of the equipment. two sets of production modes, high temperature and low temperature, have been developed and parameters have been switched and adjusted in a timely manner, effectively ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment at all times throughout the year, ensure the continuous and stable production of natural gas and related by-products. "since march, we have been conducting maintenance on 18 compressors, over 900 instruments, 230 safety valves, 38 containers, and other equipment, successfully completing the maintenance task 14 days in advance. as of now, the processing station has produced a total of 700 million cubic meters of natural gas this year," said wang bin, the director of the natural gas processing station at oil production plant 2.